Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Just as few pictures from the past season. more to come I promise!

Spring Steelhead

Gina with a great spring Steelhead

Boundary home pool

Summer outpost camp guest tipi 

Mike with a summer salmon

Maria with a Boundary Steelhead

Wally with a spring Steelhead

Richard with a summer Steelhead

Sorry I cant reveal where this is!

Tom with a Boundary Steelhead

Summer outpost camp

Bill with a summer salmon

Joe and guide Corbin with a summer salmon

Mark with a summer salmon

Mike with a Boundary Steelhead

Walter Faetz

Spey Lodge Inc

Spey Lodge
Boundary Lodge
Haida Gwaii Steelhead

5221 Skeena Drive
Terrace BC Canada

email info@speylodge.com
Office 250-635-1514
Toll free 1-866-SPEYROD

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