Sunday, 29 September 2013

Summer pictures

After receiving a lot of heat from people that follow this blog I thought I better post some new pictures at the very least! We're mid way through the Boundary season with an eye on the upcoming Haida Gwaii Fall program.

Hope to see you all knee deep in Steelhead water.

Wally Faetz

Friday, 31 May 2013

Summer season begins

What a spring, it really doesn't get any better, nice weather, good water conditions and a very healthy supply of Steelhead. I can only hope the summer is as kind as the spring was. The Chinook (King) Salmon are inbound and the water conditions are setting up for a great start to the summer.

Below is a few more spring pictures.

Picture taken by Darren Bisson

Picture taken by Hannah Belford

Picture taken by Darren Bisson

Picture taken by John Sherman 

My very best,

Walter Faetz

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Quick Spring update from Spey

Apologies as I don't have much time for a lengthy blog entry, time is short as I'm in the middle of the spring Steelhead season. Here's a quick collection of pictures from the early spring, enjoy.
Haida Gwaii tea coloured water
is a perfect fit for yellow and orange flies.

Rain forest, moss and Steelhead
on Haida Gwaii

Macy with a late evening HG Steelhead

Unusually spectacular spring weather on Haida Gwaii

Jamie with a HG Steelhead

Pete just above tide on HG

David with a big bright one on a warm spring day, fishing out of Spey Lodge

The very rare double header
Steelhead picture.

Brian Styskal with a very large
Spring Steelhead

Mark with a torpedo hen


A big thanks go out to Brian and the Burkheimer group that joined us this past week, what a great time!

My very best,

Walter Faetz

Sunday, 17 February 2013

The 2013 Spey Lodge Spring Steelhead season begins this week!

 Times flies when you're having fun! The winter is over and a new season begins this Friday; February 22. I'm very excited about Spey Lodge's 14th season of operations. 2013 is nearly sold out with just a few time slots available throughout the long ten month season. 

From Haida Gwaii to the upper Nass Watershed to the far reaches of the Douglas Channel, Spey Lodge guides and guests will access over 32 000 square kilometers (20 000 square mile) of the Northcoast wilderness in 2013. 

Below is a random collection of  Spey Lodge pictures from the past 14 seasons , enjoy.

Walter Faetz

Picture by John Sherman

Picture by John Sherman

Picture by Martin Jacobs