Tuesday, 30 October 2012

End of the Season @ Boundary Lodge & Spey Lodge

Well that's a wrap! After eight months and over 100 guests from eight different countries the 2012 season in now over. 

Last week was the final week of the season and we enjoyed the company of three good guys from the Denver area. After a few productive (but cold) days @ Boundary we decided to return to Spey Lodge for a day's fishing down the Channel Rivers. Well the weather conditions would not allow for Ocean travel on this particular day, so we took the group (and Joey) to a big scary river near Spey Lodge. Plan B's don't always work out the way you hope but on this day Plan B was spectacular! We landed three very large Steelhead and lost another, pictures below.

Adam with 9th inning heroics!

Joey with his relentless enthusiasm!

Mike with the prettiest hen Steelhead possible!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of our guests for joining us in 2012. And I'd also like to thank my staff for setting industry standards by providing the highest level of service possible.

I'd ask you all to stay tuned to this blog for a big announcement in November. I'm currently working on a project that will enhance my ability to provide an even better product starting in 2013. Expect a disclosure of this project, on this blog, November 10 2012.

Best for now,


Walter Faetz
Spey lodge Inc.

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