Sunday, 13 May 2012

Spring Steelhead season ends; as the last guests left today

Spring Steelhead fishing is hard, really hard some days, but not usually for a month! Of course we had some trills each week ie four bright ones in a half hour for one rod, a couple big bright ones in a morning for another rod etc.. etc..., but in its entirety this spring was anything but consistent. Whether it was helicoptering into a remote river, fishing the local classified rivers, or swing flies on the outpost camp water; the fish were few and far between. The hardest part of the  tough fishing was the fact that we had fairly good water/weather conditions this spring.

We all have out theories on why the fishing was sporadic, but the reality seems to be that the majority of the fish are late. For example Friday we had a flurry of bright fish real low on a coastal steam in the head of the pool, nonstop action for an hour or so. This particular river should receive the majority of its fish in late March early April, but not this year. Another coastal stream, we fished last week, has yet to receive Steelhead, its still winter on this river! High snow banks with relatively low water. Even the seals at the river mouth seemed to have puzzled looks on their faces, as they search for fish that are simply not there yet.

Pete enjoying a helicopter assisted float on a remote river

Dake joined us for the Burkhiemer week in late April

I left this picture large because small wouldn't do the picture justice. Find the mountain goat!

Mark also joined us for the Burkhiemer week, nice fish from the outpost camp water.

Heli assisted Steelhead for Adam

My very best,

Walter Faetz
Spey Lodge Inc

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