Sunday, 22 April 2012

Spring Steelhead @ Spey

It's very difficult to capture the immense
coastal setting with a camera, but I keep trying.

Keith Whitehead with a very bright bullet; on a dark day. 

Legendary fly tyer Cheryl Moore from Southern Cal 
John Rogers with a nice dry fly Steelhead! 

You can still find winter in the shadows, lots of snow remains on the ground in places, this picture is 10 feet above sea level
Brian Slavinski, winner of the 2012 Spey Nation trip to Spey Lodge.
Its common the have Hannah Belford at Spey Lodge in the spring, shes a friend and we collaborate on some guiding from time to time. But this past week we had the extreme pleasure of  having Hannah's mother Alice Belford at the lodge for a couple days. Hannah and Alice own and operate the Damdochax River Lodge  Alice skated a dry fly for this coastal Cutthroat.

Best for now,

Walter Faetz

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