Thursday, 5 January 2012

2012 guide season starts in 70 days!

I love this time of year! Answer a few e-mails, make a few phone calls, order supplies, restock the flies, ski with the wife and kids and oh yes FISH myself. The off season is my time to rest, plan and play and I've been doing lots of all three. I've also been sorting through hundreds of pictures/videos from the 2011 season and thought I'd post a few for you to enjoy. They're not all hero shots some are scenery and/or memorable guests. I hope you enjoy them.

Vern with a couple DRY FLY Steelhead vids above and below

Peter with a Coho

Big Dave swinging a wet on a remote coastal stream

Boundary Lodge home pool

Bruckie posing, or holding on for dear life I can't tell

Marcus with a spring Buck

These four guys loved my full boat top on this wet September day

High but clean water in September

My man Iori

Stu & Ken with a bright summer Steelhead

TD earning his camping badge down the Channel

A warm summer day, seems so long ago!

Enjoying the moment!


Cheers for now, may you all find happiness knee deep in brilliant rivers in 2012.

I'll leave you with another quote from Rod.

"I don’t know why I fish or why other men fish, except that we like it and it makes us think and feel. But I do know if it not for the strong, quick life of rivers, for their sparkle in the sunshine, for their cold grayness of them under rain and the feel of them about my legs as I set my feet hard down on rocks or sand or gravel, I should fish less often. A river is never quite silent; it can never, of its very nature, be quite still; it is never quite the same from one day to the next. It has its own life and its own beauty, and the creatures it nourishes are alive and beautiful also. Perhaps fishing is, for me, only an excuse to be near rivers. If so, I’m glad I thought of it"

Roderick  Haig-Brown 1946

My best,
Walter Faetz

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