Thursday, 3 November 2011

Boundary Lodge Steelhead season ends as it started WET!

Well another season comes to an end @ Boundary Lodge on the Nass watershed. This was the 12 season guiding the Boundary waters and I must say it was the most trying season ever! After enjoying a fabulous end to the summer Steelhead program @ Spey Lodge in August my staff and I were very excited to get to Boundary for the autumn run of Steelhead. This excitement dissipated quickly with a series of floods in September, followed by continued high water through October. The fishing and fishing conditions improved in early October so the fall did have some bright spots, but not nearly as many as we're use too!

The following is a bunch of pictures/video from the Autumn Steelhead season.

Joe Downing (above) with an early morning dry fly Steelhead @ Boundary. Below a coastal Steelhead stream. 

Big Cowboy! Rodger Pope with a nice hen. Below caster in black and white on the Skeena.

My friend Iori (above) with a nice hen. This fish was migrating during the flood and had a lot of scares to prove it. Below Iori enjoying the autumn colours and a fine Steelhead pool

Foggy morning Steelhead in the Boundary home pool above. Yes that's a Steelhead guide pulling crab pots below.

My friends Hannah and Alice Belford were nice enough to invite my and my good friend/client Glyn over to their very special river, (the Damdochax) for a couple days in October. If you've never been to the Damdo you need to go, it's a fabulous little river with loads of character. Hannah and Alice run a great program on the Damdochax and the Nass rivers, with four separate spike camps, tons of fly water, and the biggest fish on the Nass system!
Check them out at, tell them I sent you and maybe they'll have me back!

Below is a short video of a big cherry buck Steelhead that Glyn landed on the Damdochax.

50 minute heli flight from Boundary Lodge to the Damdochax River Lodge, on a good day. The Nass River from 1500 feet.

Two of the many pools we fished on the Damdochax


Walter Faetz

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