Friday, 8 July 2011

Two months since my last post, why you ask?

WELL, first I have to apologize for not keeping my blog up to date. I don't like to whine and complain but if someone is interested in my excuse you'll have to go down to the bottom of this blog to read it.

Since my last blog (May 08) Spey lodge has enjoyed many new and returning guests. fishing has been fishing, some really good days fishing and some really good days of casting. But that's how it is swinging flies for Steelhead and Salmon is in the spring and early summer, if anyone tells you differently they are lying! 

We did put a new spin on an old phrase this spring. The phrase "Steelhead are a fish of a thousand cast" has been changed to "Steelhead are a fish of a thousand good casts"which is much more accurate.

The weather has been very cool this early summer, which has made fishing very pleasant, no fatigue from the heat this summer. In-fact last week we had fresh snow above 3000ft! River levels have been very favourable for swinging flies with the cooler temperatures, but if it was to get real hot I'm afraid we might get more runoff type conditions, which could in turn adversely affect the fishing. Below is a few pictures from the past two months. Enjoy the pictures and I'll try to up date in a few weeks not months.

My best for now,

Walter Faetz
Spey Lodge Inc. 

Great fish on a cool windy day. Hal was in during the Burkheimer week in May.
Mid May and still with a toque on my head. I still have it handy just in case we get mid summer snow.

Spring Salmon down the coast, cant tell you where, sorry.

Hardest fighting fish of the year! The fish had us scrambling for the raft just before we ran out of backing. Two kilometers later we had her in the soft net for a quick picture.
Do not insist that your guide "should make a few cast" behind you; this might happen, sorry Alain!

 Excuse for not updating the blog, if anyone cares.....

Boundary Lodge is usually empty for the summer as it's an autumn Steelhead river from late August until November. This spring a transmission line was approved; that past closely to Boundary Lodge. I was approached by a couple contractors, working on the line, to provide accommodations and meals for crews. Well; needless to say I have 15 workers staying at Boundary with a full time staff taking care of them. This has brought another level of BUSY on to my shoulders. Not only am I operating Spey lodge with Salmon & Steelhead guests each week; I also have Boundary filled as well. 

There you have it the one and only whiny excuse you'll hear from me on this blog....Wally

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