Sunday, 8 May 2011

It feels like spring in the Skeena region, finally!

Ian enjoyed these  two fablulous fish, a 35 pound Spring
Salmon in the morning and a 12 pound Steelhead after lunch.

This week we're finally feeling a bit of warmth in Northwest British Columbia! Our incredible snow pack has begun to melt, and the threat of a huge spring runoff looms. It's quite common for the Skeena/Nass Rivers and the coastal streams to experience heavy flows from May 20th until June 10. This year will provide a great deal of runoff due to our very cool spring. Low lying areas will be threatened, thankfully Spey lodge is 100 feet (30 meters) above the high water marks, and Boundary Lodge is protected by Skowill Creek which deflects the main current away from the Boundary property. 

The Spring runoff is essential as it enables the spawned out summer run fish from last season as well as millions of Salmon, Steelhead and trout par and fry a free ride to the Ocean. The swift dirty water also helps keep the fish safe from predation.

Battling a large Spring Salmon is best done from the boat

sometimes, just in case the fish decides to leave the pool!
This fellow likes the warmth of spring after a long winter in the den
My best,
Walter Faetz
Spey Lodge Inc.

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