Thursday, 31 March 2011

A little extra water makes for very happy Spring Steelhead!

As predicted the rising water has given us a good push of Steelhead. Monday and Tuesday provided spectacular fishing but miserable weather, wet, cold and windy. If you had the intestinal fortitude to cope with the elements you were rewarded with the hardest fighting fish of the year so far.

Joe Downing with a silver bullet!
The fish we encountered on Monday and Tuesday were no more than five kilometers (3 miles) from the sea, on a small remote coastal stream. The water was well suited for a floating line and lightly weighted flies. The ocean going jet boat provided the transport to the river, once there we were able to walk and wade many pools and runs with ease. There is nothing like a Steelhead with sea salt stll in his nostrals, mad as hell once you lift the rod!  

Just above the waterline for a quick picture.

As well as all the Steelhead we also enjoyed seeing moose, swans, sea lions, many species of birds, mountainous fiord's and lots of mountain goats. The three below in the picture were just 30 meters (100 feet) up from the ocean. Talk about ocean front property!

My best, Walter


Steve said...

Nice Wally... So i see your trip to the salt was a success.

Anette said...

Amazingly beautiful, Wally!!! :)