Sunday, 27 March 2011

April approaches with rising river levels!

March is ending warm and wet making the start of April more and more appealing. The last week we've enjoyed bright sunshine with cool nights and spectacular days. Yes the fishing has been OK, but run off has been delayed with the cold nights, and this has held back the fish a bit. But today we have a big low pressure bearing down on the north coast with lots of rain, wind and moderately warm temperatures. The next couple days will give the rivers a good push of water that will in turn facilitate a real run of fresh fish up our rivers!

Owen Olivia and Dad on top of the world!
I have to admit that a part of me hates to see the sunny days of winter go, I just spent the March break at Shames Mountain with family and friends, and the skiing and atmosphere was incredible. I sure hope our poor little mountain can stay afloat. A fine bunch of volunteers are trying to create a Mountain coop at Shames to keep this treasure available for the people of the Northwest, check them out @

OK enough about skiing. With all the ice and snow in the boat launches it wasn't until last weekend that I had my new Ocean going jetboat out for a trial run. 21 feet with 325 horse power will make my long trips down to channel rivers much more enjoyable this season. The first real trip is later this week, once the water starts to flow a bit more.

I did manage to catch a Steelhead this week, I was out for a couple hours Tuesday morning. I landed this nice little 6 pounder and touched two others.

Flashback picture from March 2007. Tom, Matt and I enjoyed moose burgers and a bunch of Steelies during a snow storm! 

That's all for now. The posts are going to get a lot more exciting next month, so keep coming back for a look.

My best Wally

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Shaq said...

Sounds Great! Can't wait to see that chrome start coming out of the green!