Sunday, 7 April 2013

Quick Spring update from Spey

Apologies as I don't have much time for a lengthy blog entry, time is short as I'm in the middle of the spring Steelhead season. Here's a quick collection of pictures from the early spring, enjoy.
Haida Gwaii tea coloured water
is a perfect fit for yellow and orange flies.

Rain forest, moss and Steelhead
on Haida Gwaii

Macy with a late evening HG Steelhead

Unusually spectacular spring weather on Haida Gwaii

Jamie with a HG Steelhead

Pete just above tide on HG

David with a big bright one on a warm spring day, fishing out of Spey Lodge

The very rare double header
Steelhead picture.

Brian Styskal with a very large
Spring Steelhead

Mark with a torpedo hen


A big thanks go out to Brian and the Burkheimer group that joined us this past week, what a great time!

My very best,

Walter Faetz

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