Saturday, 5 March 2011

Now I have a blog to maintain, I'll never get to fish!

I know I need a blog, everyone has one, how can I expect to be different? My fear related to having a blog is that I'll neglect to update it. Similar to how I keep fishing a cracked loop on one of my fly lines, or that leaky wader that I keep slipping on without repairing it. But this will be different I will make every effort to keep the blog updated, even when I'm working 16 hour days! Do not expect much in the way of literature on this site, I'm no Haig Brown. but you can expect lots of pictures, and brief descriptions of our more interesting days on the water. 

Below is a few pictures from the 2010 season for your pleasure.

My very best, 
Walter Faetz
owner/operator of Spey lodge & Boundary Lodge

March Steelhead
May Steelhead

Remote coastal river
June Chinook (king) Salmon
Coastal River Chinook Salmon
Prime August Steelhead
Summer Steelhead
Autumn begins
Very remote early September "creek" Steelhead
October Steelhead @ Boundary
November Steelhead @ Spey Lodge

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